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Gary Holloway Sr.

Founder, Chief Executive Officer


Mr. Holloway is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of GMH Associates. He founded GMH Associates in 1985. Under his direction, GMH Associates has been acquiring, building, managing, and expanding residential and commercial properties throughout the U.S. since its inception. Mr. Holloway is a Founder of GMH Ventures and was a Trustee of GMH Communities Trust before it was sold. Prior to the formation of GMH Associates, he was involved in various aspects of the real estate industry. Mr. Holloway served as the Chief Financial Officer at the Holloway Corporation. He began his career at Touche Ross & Company, Certified Public Accounts where Mr. Holloway provided accounting and tax services to real estate clients.


Mr. Holloway received his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Villanova University in 1976.