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Gary Holloway Sr.

Founder, Chief Executive Officer


Gary Holloway Sr. started GMH Associates in 1985 as a small boutique real estate firm with humbled beginnings. Over three decades, he has grown the company into one of the leading providers of multifamily housing in the country. Gary has fostered a strong corporate culture with a family atmosphere.


Gary was an early investor in the student-housing arena, completing his first deal in 1985. He would grow this division to over 2,000 employees at its peak and over 60,000 beds. Gary also entered the military-housing industry in its infancy growing that portfolio to over 25,000 homes. Since the inception of GMH Associates in 1985, the GMH family of companies has completed more than 8.0 billion of transactions throughout 41 states. Gary has structured many institutional joint venture partnerships including GE, Goldman Sachs, AEW, Principal Real Estate Investors, RMB and Iron Point.


Gary is a Founder of GMH Ventures and was a Trustee of GMH Communities Trust before its sale. Prior to the formation of GMH Associates, he was involved in various aspects of the real estate industry. Gary served as the Chief Financial Officer of the Holloway Corporation. He began his career at Touche Ross & Company, Certified Public Accounts where Mr. Holloway provided accounting and tax services to real estate clients.


Gary’s philanthropic interests are widely recognized in many school, universities, hospitals and catholic institutions. He has served on many charitable boards over the years in an executive capacity. Gary received one of the highest honors from the Roman Catholic Church when Pope Francis granted papal orders making him a Knight in the Order of Saint Gregory the Great.


Gary received his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Villanova University in 1976.